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OLQA collaborates with various partners to bring robust programs that integrate and augment the curriculum and enhance students’ lives.

Please click on the programs below to learn more about OLQA’s curriculum enhancements.

We offer a performing arts class several times per week for all students. In elementary school, students learn about song and acting, culminating in two performances a year. Our 6th through 8th graders focus on film, learning  such skills as film script writing and film production. Work is showcased at annual Christmas and Spring shows. Check out our Instagram here to see our kids’ amazing work!

In collaboration with Cristo Rey New York High School, we are launching a CYO basketball program beginning Winter ’24 and a volleyball program this Spring ’24. Learn more about CYO Sports here!

Our 1st and 2nd Grade students participate in the Community Tennis Program at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy. Students learn from world-class coaches and utilize state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and learning technologies. Some students even earn scholarships to participate in the Johnny Mac Excellence Program! Learn more here.

Through partnership with the Inner City Scholarship Fund, students in Grades 2-5 participate in a monthly art class culminating in an annual trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Learn more here!

Through creative, carefully scaffolded lessons, our 4th and 5th grade students learn the techniques, origins and language of various iconic styles of social dance over the ten-week program. These accessible dances allow all students to be successful regardless of experience or skill level, while participating in much-needed physical activity. Learn more here!

The Aequora Program, an afterschool Latin enrichment initiative led by high school volunteers from Convent of the Sacred Heart, provides students with an introduction to the Latin Language and helps them develop essential literacy skills. Learn more here!

Select middle school girls participate in a weekly math enrichment course. GLAM is designed to teach young girls exciting, challenging (age-appropriate) math that goes beyond their core curriculums. It is an all-female program with the goal of empowering young girls to feel confident and strong about their math abilities. Learn more here!